Some things you didn’t know about high-end mustards

Pierette Huttner is New York City’s first–and only–mustard sommelier at Maille, where it’s possible to buy mustard on tap.

The mustards on tap run from $25 for 4.4-ounce jars, to $99 for the 18.6-ounce jar of truffle. The extended range starts at $9 for 100 milliliter mustard.

She recommends this mustard for a hot dog:

With a more traditional palate, I would do whole-grain Chardonnay, and if someone wanted to do something more expansive, I’d go with the sun-dried tomato and Espelette chili pepper. It’s really one of my favorites and it pairs well with meats. That would be quite fantastic. Even trying something like the black currant would be fantastic, believe it or not, because it’s a different kind of flavor progression, where it just adds a little bit of tartness without being too fruity.


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